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Autism: Is it genetic? Environmental? both?

Part 1

With Autism affecting so many children and families in the last 20 years, we can only ask, what has changed?  35-50 years ago there were hardly any cases of Autism, now, the ratio of Children acquiring Autism is 1:68 in males and slightly higher in females (according to a study in 2010). Other studies have predicted that by 2025 the ratio will be around 1:8 cases.

I believe one of the causes is electromagnetic saturation. In the past, there were few types of electromagnetic ‘vehicles’: Television, portable phones, microwaves (1980’s) and radio waves. Now we have: microwaves, Bluetooth, cell phones, Mp3 players, tablets,  laptops, desktops, WiFi (everywhere now), Satellite TV, cable television, head phones for cell phones, automobile keys, smart watches, and radio.

Pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, and children are surrounded by electromagnetic saturation. The electromagnetic vehicles probably cause some type of dysfunction or stress to the brain. I’m pretty sure no studies have been done. And who is going to do a study on: “Is Electromagnetic saturation harmful to the Brain?”; do you thing Comcast or AT&T would fund a study?  And the real question is….if the study proved electromagnetic saturation is harmful for brain function; would we stop or limit the usage???

There are some Doctor’s that have written many articles and believe Autism is a Genetic condition. My question is: Why did it start becoming a rampant condition 20 years ago and is progressing at a very high pace? How come nobody had it 40 years ago? (Usually genetic changes take thousands to millions of years). Did the boogey man put a curse on our DNA 20 years ago? Did the genes change in the mother or father?

Please share this post and the rest of my Autism posts coming (food and immunizations)!!! Maybe there are some people out there that can answer the questions we seek?

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Robert Stein D.C., A.B.A.A.H.P.

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