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An individualized wellness and anti-aging program is here!!

The L3W program integrates the proper food combination, optimizing organ/gland efficiency, vitamin/mineral/hormone utilization, and educates the patient on environmental stressors. The main objective of the Live Longer Live Well program is to Restore > Support > Optimize.

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L3W Standard Wellness Program

Young Woman

This Program Includes
  • 42 blood and urine markers processed by LabCorp
  • 14 page comprehensive report exclusive to L3W
  • 40 minute consultation with L3W-trained Provider or Facility
  • Biochemical typing with food combining chart and menu
  • Organ and gland wellness chart with recommendations
  • General recommendations regarding food, water and daily living

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L3W Extended Wellness Program

Senior Man

This Program Includes
  • All of the tests and reporting from the L3W Wellness Panel + Vitamin D, plus
  • Tests to Screen for Diabetes Risk
  • Screening for Cardiovascular Inflammation
  • Screening for Insulin Resistance

The above testing is the only reliable way of assessing these significant health risks

The L3W Extended Panel is highly recommended for patients over 40

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L3W Extended Wellness Program + VAP

Mature Couple

This Program Includes
  • All of the tests from the L3W Extended Panel, plus
  • Adds the detailed cholesterol panel (VAP)
  • The VAP test evaluates the quality and health risk of the HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, not just the quantity
  • It assesses risk of cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis

The above testing is the only reliable way of assessing these significant health risks

The L3W Extended + VAP Panel is highly recommended for patients over 40 or where there is personal or family history of cardiovascular disease

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Although all of the sample essays had been handwritten by pupils, they are shown typed right here for ease of reading. The essays have been typed just as just about every pupil wrote his or her essay, with out corrections to spelling, punctuation, or paragraph breaks. How to Create an Essay Research the topic. This step is primarily critical if your paper is a investigate paper. Go on line, head to the library, look for an educational databases, or read through newspapers.

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