Welcome to Live Longer Live Well

An individualized wellness and anti-aging program is here!!

The L3W program integrates the proper food combination, optimizing organ/gland efficiency, vitamin/mineral/hormone utilization, and educates the patient on environmental stressors. The main objective of the Live Longer Live Well program is to Restore > Support > Optimize.

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L3W Standard Wellness Program

Young Woman

This Program Includes
  • 42 blood and urine markers processed by LabCorp
  • 14 page comprehensive report exclusive to L3W
  • 40 minute consultation with L3W-trained Provider or Facility
  • Biochemical typing with food combining chart and menu
  • Organ and gland wellness chart with recommendations
  • General recommendations regarding food, water and daily living

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L3W Extended Wellness Program

Senior Man

This Program Includes
  • All of the tests and reporting from the L3W Wellness Panel + Vitamin D, plus
  • Tests to Screen for Diabetes Risk
  • Screening for Cardiovascular Inflammation
  • Screening for Insulin Resistance

The above testing is the only reliable way of assessing these significant health risks

The L3W Extended Panel is highly recommended for patients over 40

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L3W Extended Wellness Program + VAP

Mature Couple

This Program Includes
  • All of the tests from the L3W Extended Panel, plus
  • Adds the detailed cholesterol panel (VAP)
  • The VAP test evaluates the quality and health risk of the HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, not just the quantity
  • It assesses risk of cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis

The above testing is the only reliable way of assessing these significant health risks

The L3W Extended + VAP Panel is highly recommended for patients over 40 or where there is personal or family history of cardiovascular disease

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Nevertheless, you want to come up with your initial spin on the matter to make it uniquely yours. Make lists of thoughts.

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Typically, you want a few arguments or items of evidence to assistance each individual principal strategy. Topic sentence: “Eli Whitney’s cotton gin built lifestyle more durable on African American slaves. ” Ex: “The success of cotton designed it harder for slaves to order their possess liberty. ” Ex: “Many northe slaves have been in hazard of becoming kidnapped and brought down south to get the job done in the cotton fields. ” Ex: “In 1790, ahead of the cotton gin, slaves in America totaled about 700,000. In 1810, just after the cotton gin experienced been adopted, slaves totaled about 1. two million, a 70% increase. ” Write the entire body of your essay. You do want to imagine about duration here really don’t produce web pages and inteet pages if your trainer needs five paragraphs.

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Convey to us the tale of a road, path, road-actual or imagined or metaphorical.

–Anonymous submission UChicago professor W. J. T. Mitchell entitled his 2005 e book What Do Images Want? Explain a photo, and explore what it needs.

–Inspired by Anna Andel “You should not play what’s there, participate in what’s not there. “-Miles Davis (1926–91) –Inspired by Jack Reeves University of Chicago alumna and renowned author/critic Susan Sontag mentioned, “The only interesting responses are those people that wipe out the queries. ” We all have read severe inquiries, absurd conces, and critically absurd thoughts, some of which cannot be answered without having obliterating the extremely query. Ruin a dilemma with your respond to.

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–Inspired by Aleksandra Ciric “Brain that does not stick. ” –Zen Master Shoitsu (1202–80) Superstring concept has revolutionized speculation about the actual physical world by suggesting that strings play a pivotal job in the universe. Strings, nevertheless, normally have spelled out or enriched our lives, from Theseus’s escape route from the Labyrinth, to kittens actively playing with balls of ya, to the single hair that held the sword above Damocles, to the Old Norse tradition that one’s daily life is a thread woven into a tapestry of destiny, to the stunning sounds of the finely tuned string of a violin, to the kid’s activity of cat’s cradle, to the thought of stringing an individual along. Use the electric power of string to make clear the most important or the smallest phenomenon.

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You may well want to feel about delicate riffs or idiosyncrasies based on cadence, rhythm, rhyme, or (mis)pronunciation.

–Inspired by Kimberly Traube The College of ChicagoEssay Help us get to know you. Because we will not do individual interviews, the essay-section of our Prevalent Application-is the finest likelihood we have to get to know you as a particular person. And we want to get to know you. So convey to us! Create in a obvious voice. Assistance us understand who you are, what moves you, why we are a fantastic in shape for each and every other.

We want to study some other things, as well, such as how very well you write, and how you solution and reply the conces you select. We hope a clear submission, absolutely free of typos and grammatical faults. At Fordham, we think about communication abilities a vital portion of your training, and we want to make absolutely sure you are ready to deliver faculty-level function. New York is my campus. Fordham is my college.

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The commodification of particular encounter was also women’s territory: the smaller budgets of well-liked women of all ages-focussed World-wide-web sites, and the rapidly switching conventions and constrictions bordering women’s life, insured it. And so quite a few women of all ages wrote about the most tough issues that had ever happened to them and acquired not considerably in retu.

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But for quite a few the thrill of achieving an audience experienced to suffice. And inserting a delicate part of your life in the fingers of strangers failed to generally switch out to be so thrilling.

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Individual essays cry out for identification and relationship what their authors normally obtained was distancing and disgrace. Bennett pegged her Slate piece to an essay that Carmichael and I edited at Jezebel, composed by a girl who experienced met her father for the to start with time as a teenager-ager and engaged, below psychological coercion, in a temporary sexual romantic relationship with him. Bennett deemed the personal-essay financial state a “perilous drive for the persons who take part in it. ” By that level, writers, editors, and audience experienced develop into suspicious of a person a further, and the factors that manufactured the personalized-essay growth experienced began to give way.

Some of the online publishers that endure have shifted to movie and sponsored posts and Fb partnerships to shore up revenue. Aggregation and op-eds- the notorious, plentiful takes -proceed to prosper, whilst the can take have potentially cooled a little bit. Personalized essays have evidently been considered not truly worth the problems. Even those of us who like the style usually are not numerous darwinessay essay writing services of which presume they can be on uppermost darwinessay legit distinct darwinessay essay writing service due to reduce selling price normally mouing its sudden disappearance from the mainstream of the Inteet.

“Initially-individual composing really should not be low-cost, and it ought to not be created or edited immediately,” Gould wrote to me. “And it really should be released in a way that shields writers alteatively than hanging them out to dry on the most-emailed listing. ” There are nonetheless a several shops that cultivate a far more refined and sober iteration of this kind of 1st-human being writing, some of them related to guide publishing. There is Hazlitt. introduced by Random House Canada, and Lenny Letter.

which now has a publishing imprint, and Catapult. which describes itself as a e book publisher with a day by day on the inteet joual.

(The controlling editor of Catapult is Nicole Chung, who formerly worked for the Toast. ) But the genre’s most important migration has been to TinyLetter, an e-mail newsletter system. Gould, who writes a publication known as Are unable to Complain, prompt that TinyLetters are doing what individual blogs did fifteen yrs back: letting writers to get the job done on their individual terms and attain “tiny readerships in an personal, private-experience, nevertheless public adequate way. ” Carrie Frye, previously the handling editor of the Awl, also has a TinyLetter. She told me that it appeared like “writers-especially female writers-had stated, ‘O. K. I’m going to make an Inteet on which my essays go out in pneumatic tubes to just who I want them to go to, and no one else. ‘ ” It’s clear, in any circumstance, that the own-essay growth is around. If it experienced currently peaked by the time Bennett wrote about it, in the slide of 2015, we can find its difficult endpoint about a yr afterwards, in November of very last year. Following the Presidential election, quite a few favored private-essay subjects-relationships, self-graphic, intimate battle-appeared to hit a new small in broader social relevance.

“I really feel like the 2016 election was a reckoning for joualism,” Hepola wrote to me. “We missed the tale. Element of why we skipped it could have been this in excess of-reliance on ‘how I come to feel about the day’s news’-and now the joualism world recognizes that we want to re-spend in reporting. ” Killingsworth echoed this, talking about her get the job done at the Axe and the Hairpin: “I want to persuade people today to discuss about typically nearly anything other than themselves. ” There’s been a broader shift in attitudes about this sort of crafting, which often endured a good deal of vitriol.

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