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An individualized wellness and anti-aging program is here!!

The L3W program integrates the proper food combination, optimizing organ/gland efficiency, vitamin/mineral/hormone utilization, and educates the patient on environmental stressors. The main objective of the Live Longer Live Well program is to Restore > Support > Optimize.

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L3W Standard Wellness Program

Young Woman

This Program Includes
  • 42 blood and urine markers processed by LabCorp
  • 14 page comprehensive report exclusive to L3W
  • 40 minute consultation with L3W-trained Provider or Facility
  • Biochemical typing with food combining chart and menu
  • Organ and gland wellness chart with recommendations
  • General recommendations regarding food, water and daily living

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L3W Extended Wellness Program

Senior Man

This Program Includes
  • All of the tests and reporting from the L3W Wellness Panel + Vitamin D, plus
  • Tests to Screen for Diabetes Risk
  • Screening for Cardiovascular Inflammation
  • Screening for Insulin Resistance

The above testing is the only reliable way of assessing these significant health risks

The L3W Extended Panel is highly recommended for patients over 40

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L3W Extended Wellness Program + VAP

Mature Couple

This Program Includes
  • All of the tests from the L3W Extended Panel, plus
  • Adds the detailed cholesterol panel (VAP)
  • The VAP test evaluates the quality and health risk of the HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, not just the quantity
  • It assesses risk of cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis

The above testing is the only reliable way of assessing these significant health risks

The L3W Extended + VAP Panel is highly recommended for patients over 40 or where there is personal or family history of cardiovascular disease

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Operating System Application Development Company – reviewsappdeveloper.com

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No-Fuss Systems In app developer – A Background

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Yahoo and google put into the world of cellular technologies by bringing out Android operating system
os. It is unveiled in form up the needs of the cell industry.

Very well, eventually there is something a lot more available in the market than Apple’s i phone! Of course!
Yahoo Android influences market place now, containing converted the most popular circulation of
awareness to its very own path. It absolutely was iphone 4 which has been prominent the industry
given that extended but, Yahoo and google has made its accessibility inside the cellular world over the newly
created innovative Android mobile phone App. So, now have yourself wanting to
have a different electronic development inside the portable world boost
yourself with a brand new innovative operating system named Android.

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Briefly, Android mobile phone is the main system that has been designed by Yahoo for the
entire world. It is deemed an open source pile that may be kept up to date with professional
understanding each time required. This quality function helps you to up-date the
method more frequently and and thus the device acquires each of the advancements,
which will help it to resume by itself in time. Android operating system employs the Espresso technologies to acquire
designed and will be based upon A linux systemunix kernel. There are many applications backed up how to be an application developer openxcell by
Android os, which are generated by the blog coders and for download
very easily and is used.

The principle aim at the rear of the source of Android is not to score well in the cell earth
but to produce a easier to use, superior and means to fix the portable consumers,
which eventually occurred into Android operating system (os). It but not only presents individual
but additionally it enables the builders to build maintained code in Caffeine
terminology. Programmers build the software utilizing the SDK (computer software
improvement system) that can help in producing new software and even aid in get together
other software. This SDK involves an emulator that can help the programmers to try
their request on Android main system.

Merging of these 4 elements helps make the Google android a perfect appropriate request to
deal with the increasing requirements on the technological know-how friendly people. The

Android operating system app will make a apparent alteration of the mobile phone market inside
not too distant future using its superior technology and improvement, that may in turn
renew the market industry requirements and needs.

Openxcell Incorporated will be the software package providers and IT solutions provider agency. It
is composed of a crew of specialists information individuals who do the job
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Yahoo and google adding cell technological innovation by Android mobile phone main system.Andriod program developmet is essentially design on Red hat main system.Google android application also let it designers maintained code in java langauge.Creator utilizing the SDK(software package development equipment) that really help generating new along with reviewsappdeveloper.com Openxcell Incorporated present Android mobile phone Database Integration solutions by team of industry experts.

Obtain Android Os Database Integration Company – reviewsappdeveloper.com

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