Live Longer Live Well Blood Chemistry Panels

1) The L3W Wellness Panel

  • 42 blood and urine markers processed by LabCorp
  • 14 page comprehensive report exclusive to L3W
  • 40 minute consultation with L3W-trained Provider or
  • Biochemical typing with food combining chart and menu
  • Organ and gland wellness chart with recommendations
  • General recommendations regarding food, water and daily living

Lab markers assessed:

Glucose, Uric acid, Bun, Creatinine,
Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Carbon Dioxide, Calcium, Phosphorus,
Magnesium, Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin, A/G ratio, Alkaline
Phosphatase, LDH, AST, ALT, GGT, Iron, Cholesterol, Total
Cholesterol/HDL ratio, LDL/HDL ratio, TSH, T4 total, T3 uptake, Free
Thyroxine index, urine specific gravity, Urine pH, CBC with
Differential and platelet count.

Cpt Codes

85025 CBC/Differential and Platelets 84100 Phosphorus
82977 GGT 84436 T-4
83540 Iron 84443 TSH
80061 Lipid Panel 84479 T3 Uptake
83735 Magnesium 84550 Uric acid
80053 Metabolic Panel, Comprehensive 81003 Urinalysis
83615 LDH


2) The L3W Wellness Panel + Vitamin D

  • All of the tests from the L3W Wellness Panel, plus
  • Adds measurement of Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin D regulation is very important! It has a direct
    relationship with Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Immune system disorders and
    Neurological involvement. All current studies associate low Vitamin D
    levels with Cancer and Diabetes. The optimal Vitamin D level is 75

Lab markers assessed:

All Markers from the L3W Wellness Panel, plus Vitamin D3.

Cpt Code beyond the L3W Wellness Panel

82306 Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxycalciferol

3) L3W Extended Panel

  • All of the tests from the L3W Wellness Panel + Vitamin
    D, plus
  • The Extended Panel adds screening for diabetes, cardiovascular
    inflammatory factors and insulin resistance
  • These tests are the only reliable way to determine if a patient
    is pre-diabetic or has diabetes. It also shows if a patient is Insulin
  • The L3W Extended Panel is highly recommended for
    patients over 40

Lab markers assessed:

All Markers from the L3W
Wellness Panel + Vitamin D, plus HbA1c, Cardiac CRP, Fibrinogen, TIBC,
Ferritin, Homocycteine and Insulin level

Cpt Codes beyond the L3W Wellness Panel + Vitamin D

83036 Hemoglobin HbA1c 82728 Ferritin
86141 CRP, High Sensitivity 83090 Homocysteine
85384 Fibrinogen Activity 83525 Insulin, Fasting
83550 TIBC% Saturation


4) L3W Extended + VAP

  • All of the tests from the L3W Extended Panel, plus
  • Adds the detailed cholesterol panel (VAP), which evaluates the
    quality and health risk of the HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, not just the
  • It assesses risk of cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis
  • This panel is highly recommended for anyone who has family
    history of cardiovascular disease or who has cardiovascular signs or
  • This Panel is highly recommended for anyone over 40

Lab markers assessed:

All Markers from the L3W
Extended Panel, plus the VAP Panel: VLDL Cholesterol, Non-HDL
Cholesterol (LDL+VLDL), AplB100, LDL-R (Real) Cholesterol, Lipoprotein
(a), IDL Cholesterol, Remnant Lipoprotein (IDL+VLDL3), Probable
Metabolic Syndrome Evaluation, HDL-2 (most protective), HDL-3 (less
protective), VLDL-3 (small remnant), LDL1 Pattern A, LDL@ Pattern A,
LDL3 Pattern B, LDL4 Pattern B, LDL Density Pattern, (the following are
repeated) LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Total Cholesterol and

Cpt Code beyond the L3W Extended Panel

804500 VAP


Posted On
Jun 25, 2013
Posted By
annette watkins

Dear Dr. Stein,
I apreciate your time the other day on the phone. I read over all the different panels. Although it is comprehensive & well layed out, I have a few questions. I will be making an appointment to come speak to you. My Doctor has agreed to do IGE/IGG test, but I understand it is different than the “Markers” you test for. Additionally, I am interested in your”Bbiochemical Typing” with food combining. One of questions is…WHAT DO YOU USE TO EVALUATE ORGAN & GLAND WELLNESS? Now that is a loaded question??
Thank you.

Posted On
Jul 26, 2013
Posted By

Hi Annette
We just read your post, we over 1,000 spam on the site and we had to sort through them. The L3W system takes the functional highs and lows of the blood/urine and prioritizes the organ/glands that need attention. If you have any other questions, please contact us.
Dr. Stein

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