Live Longer Live Well Automated Hormone System for BHRT

Now available!

The Live Longer Live Well Automated Hormone System (L3W  AHS).

Finally, a system that helps the physician with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) dosage levels to achieve optimum hormone levels.

AHS  makes recommendations for BHRT levels based on the hormone test results, Body mass index and recent signs and symptoms. Physicians can gently adapt dosages to a patients specific needs. In cases where the  physician feels a more aggressive regimen is in order, more aggressive Prescription Programs may be assigned to accelerate arrival at the optimum levels. The Physician will be trained by the Live Longer Live well team.

L3W AHS offers the following features:

  • A turn key Bio-identical Hormone dosing system
  • Web based (No disc or download necessary) system
  • A computerized prescription is generated and emailed to the Pharmacy of the Physician’s choice
  • Saliva-based hormone measurements are performed and used to generate dosage levels
  • Detailed reports with graphics supply tracking information to follow patient progress
  • AHS works seamlessly with L3W Wellness Programs for a full-spectrum wellness experience

Much more information about the system and its methodology is coming, but feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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