Circle of Health

The L3W “Circle of Health” philosophy is to heal, support and optimize from within. Start from the central core and work toward the outer levels to achieve maximized health. Each level includes key components which are integral to optimizing the body, and there are dependencies from the inner to the outer layers. If the inner rings are running efficiently first, the outer rings should need less attention when they are treated. However, if the outer rings are addressed first, these areas may be overtreated relative to what may otherwise be sufficient by treating from the inside out. To obtain optimal health, all of these areas will need attention!  The L3W Circle of Health is dscussed in more detail below:

Energy (inner circle):  First priority – Giving each patient the right foods for their body

Reduce the frequency and size of Blood Sugar spikes and the resulting undesireable Insulin Surges by combining proper foods for the individual

– Balance cellular pH (acid/alkaline levels) with individualized proportions of Acidic and Alkaline foods

– Reduce inflammation, the ignition switch of disease, by identifying the right indiviualized food choices

Organs and Glands (Second inner circle): Second priority – Improving Organ and Gland Function

– Organs and Glands are taxed from improper food intake, sugar and insulin level instability, toxic exposure (cigarette, alcohol, medicine, metals, water, etc.) and stress. The organs and glands control all of the systems in the body. If they are neglected, system failure will eventually occur. The king of the organs and glands is the Brain! The Hypothalamus and Pituitary send messages to the other organs and glands. If there are issues or deficiencies with the brain, then there will be problems downstream. Treating other organs and glands without giving the brain attention might result in a ” dog chasing the tail” pattern, where body systems are in conflict with each other, slowing improvements in health.

Integrative Functional Medicine (Third inner circle): Third priority – Optimal levels of Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes, plus Exercise and stress reduction techniques

– Vitamins, Minerals, and Enzymes: Most of our food supply is deficient in essential nutrients due to the cumulative effects of the mass-production nutrient-depleting farming techniques we use. These nutrients serve a vital role in supporting the chemical pathways of our cells. Organic food consumption and supplementation are the only ways to acquire enough nutrients for good health. Testing the levels in blood, saliva and urine specimens is the best way to determine ideal individualized dosages.

– Exercise is very important for all body systems. L3W Providers will suggest a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise that meets the needs of the patient.

-Stress:  Stress interferes and affects all systems of the body (especially the adrenals, brain, and cardio system). L3W providers will guide the patient to different options to help deal with stress.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (Fourth inner circle): Optimal levels of Hormones

– Live Longer Live Well enthusiastically supports Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for individuals over age 35. The production of many hormones starts to decline after age 35, and signs and symptoms of hormone deficiency subtly emerge. Some of the signs are decreased libido, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, decreased energy, weakness, decreased sleep, difficulty keeping weight from climbing and decreased motivation. Natural hormone levels can be tested in blood, saliva, urine or all three. A balance of hormones will be make the body feel, act and run younger and more efficiently. Estrogen (E1, E2 and E3), Testosterone, DHEA, Growth Hormone, Progesterone, and Pregnenolone are usually tested and supplemented if necessary.

Detoxification, Stem Cell therapy, Alternative Care, Gene Testing, Heavy Metals, and other Markers for Abnormal Conditions (Outer Circle)

– If the patient’s signs, symptoms, blood levels, saliva, urine and diagnostic testing results are not improving, then the search will need to be expanded to identify and correct the problem(s).

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