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Sugar Spikes cause your body to:


The number one anti-inflammatory for the body is sleep. Sleeps main function is to cool down the brain. The optimal amount of sleep is 8 hours per night. Short sleep (less then 6 hours) increases risk for obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and heart attack.


Sugar craving (chocolate, candy, bread, alcohol, pasta, etc) comes from not combining the right foods.

If you eat for your Biochemical Type, the sugar cravings will stop in 2 days.


Biochemical Type

Eating for your biochemical type should prevent and possibly reverse pre-diabetes.

Diabetes is overuse of the pancreas; when overworked, the pancreas insulin production decreases.

Less insulin in your body, increases the diabetes risk factor.



Excessive sugar consumption causes fat retention. When excessive sugar is in the blood, the body secretes insulin to bring down the high sugar; when that reaction occurs, the body stores fat.


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