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A certified Live Longer Live Well Provider or Facility

Live Longer Live Well (L3W) offers primary care physicans and health care facilities the opportunity to restore and maintain health. Physicians and facilities are taught functional endocrinology, nutrition, hormones, and integrated functional medicine. It takes the L3W staff 2 days to teach the physicians and facilities to feel confident in treating patients with the L3W program.

Live Longer Live Well can help you achieve results for your patients

What if you could identify the nutritional and medical issues preventing clients from reaching their optimal health? Live Longer Live Well, LLC has partnered with the exclusive Cima System software and well-known laboratory Labcorp to provide turnkey testing and results processing that can dramatically change the performance of your patients. You can help them become balanced on cellular, physical, chemical and mental levels.

Using Biochemical Typing, the Live Longer Live Well System provides each patient with a personal nutrition plan based on his or her Biochemical Type and other factors. Additionally, with a complete blood and urine workup, patients get a comprehensive view of how their organs and glands are functioning. The Cima system software will identify and prioritize the repairs that need to be made, and provide a detailed recommendation of nutritional supplements.

Live Longer Live Well Providers — Providers are primary care doctors or specialists who are trained by the L3W team. They utilize the Cima software to analyze blood and urine results, and evaluate the reports and patient questionnaire to determine the patient Biochemical Type. The Providers then make the necessary recommendations for the patient’s consultation. Providers typically come from the following group:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Naturopaths

    Live Longer Live  Well Facilities:  Facilities receive the L3W consultation package from an associated L3W provider. The certified L3W provider teaches the facility how to do the consultations. The L3W facility in logged in on the L3W site and has it own seperate website attachment. The facilities are made up of the following:

  • Gyms
  • Pharmacies
  • Weight Loss Centers
  • Yoga and Pilates centers
  • Spa’s

    As a  Live Longer Live Well Provider or Facility, you will:

    • Receive a complete supply of brochures, business cards and marketing materials explaining the Live Longer Live Well program
    • Have your facility featured and promoted on the Live Longer Live Well website, driving internet customers in your area to your location.
    • Maintain the relationship with your patient – Your facility will serve as the patient’s primary consultant and Live Longer Live Well representative, further increasing loyalty to you and your Facility
    • Receive complete training on using the L3W System and interpreting the reports
    • Have the peace of mind knowing that a licensed physician is reviewing each and every set of results
    • Become an authorized distributor for the Live Longer Live Well supplement protocol – Patients will order under your guidance directly, giving you another opportunity to increase sales (not limited to Providers)
    • Rights to use the Live Well Live Longer Participating Facility logo on your website or other marketing materials
    • Have access to the Live Longer Live Well software (Providers only)
    • *** Increase referrals from outside sources into your practice or facility
    • *** MOST IMPORTANT- Impact and change peoples lives!  Restore, support and optimize using the L3W Circle of Health


    You can help increase longevity for your clients

    From diabetes to cancer to hundreds of other diseases and debilitating conditions, the research shows that diet, exercise, reduced stress, detoxifying and nutrients are the key components to longevity and anti-aging. Now we have the tools to identify individual weaknesses, and we can provide each patient with a complete plan of action on how to tackle these issues.

    Prevention is the future of health care, and professionals like you are at the forefront. You can help your patients avoid debilitating diseases and other threatening medical conditions.

    Join the Live Longer Live Well network, and together we can improve the outlook of long-term health and longevity.

    Live Longer Live Well Certification Intrest

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