The Process

What do we test?

We test a number of blood and urine markers using  LabCorp, which is available nationally. Once we receive the results of the lab work, our software analyzes the results to generate a personalized report.

Available L3W Panels include

  • L3W Wellness Panel – This panel offers determination of Biochemical Type and evaluation of organ and gland wellness
  • L3W Wellness Panel + Vitamin D – This Panel adds measurement of the critical Vitamin D3 to the basic panel
  • L3W Extended Panel – To the above, we add measurements for diabetes risk and cardiovascular disease risk
  • L3W Extended + VAP Panel – To the L3W Extended Panel, we add a detailed Cholesterol and Triglyceride analysis for additional cardiovascular risk assessment

Click here for a more detailed list of the extensive testing performed with each panel

Primary objectives of Live Longer Live Well patients:

1Weight Loss: Sugar intake raises the blood sugar level. In response, the pancreas releases insulin to help utilize the sugar and reduce circulating blood sugar levels. Fat is absorbed when this process occurs. Balancing the blood sugar by combing the right foods for the individual reduces the insulin spike and thereby reduces or stops the absorption of fat. Fat intake does not cause the body to retain fat! Continued sugar intake causes the body to absorb fat!

2Increase energy: Combining the right foods for the individual will stop the energy peaks and valleys. When the blood sugar spikes and the insulin surges, the body will crave caffeine and sugar. Utilizing the Live Longer Live Well program usually restores energy levels within 2 days.

3Improve sleep: The body needs multiple cycles of REM sleep to enable the restorative capabilities of the body and mind. Eating and drinking poorly before sleeping will cause insulin surges and the release of cortisol. By combining proper foods for the individual insulin surges and the release of cortisol throughout the night will not be triggered. Restorative sleep will occur rapidly when the patient follows the Live Longer Live Well protocol.

4Control blood sugar: Blood sugar rises when there is an imbalance in the fat, protein, and carbohydrate combinations for an individual. The L3W System will teach the patient how to control the blood sugar elevations. Continued abuses that cause blood sugar spikes can eventually result in pre-diabetes, diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

5Reduce stomach problems: Stomach problems can be caused by multiple issues, including an acid/alkaline imbalance, inflammation (stress), improper bacterial flora, insufficient digestive enzyme levels, gallbladder problems and liver issues. All of these areas are addressed with our L3W System.

6Reduce water retention: Water retention is a common problem, especially in women. It usually indicates weakness in the adrenal glands, heart or kidneys, often associated with stress. Medical doctors frequently prescribe diuretics to treat water retention, but there are other options. Water retention is a symptom related to an organ or gland issue. The L3W System will show which organs and glands need attention.

7Detoxification: Our environment is filled with toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Live Longer Live Well Providers will give the patient all of the important information regarding detoxification during their consultation. Topics included in the consultations are: benefits of far-infrared (FIR), what and where to get the most beneficial foods, water and safety regarding electromagnetic toxins.

8Reduce bloating or excessive gas: Bloating is defined as the abnormal swelling of the abdominal region due to improper digestion. Combining the proper foods will stop the effects of poor digestion such as bloating. Following the L3W System on how much to drink during meals will also result in improved digestion. The results of these simple changes are almost immediate for patients who follow the program.

9Repair organs and glands: The L3W System will analyze the patient’s organ and gland deficiencies and present them in order of priority. Organic glandular extracts from New Zealand will be recommended if needed. These glandulars help detoxify, energize, clean and repair organs and glands. Glandulars have been around for about 70 years, and there are many scientific references which show the effectiveness of glandulars.

10Increase muscle density while reducing fat: It is possible to build muscle mass, reduce fat and increase strength all at the same time with the combination of eating the foods appropriate for one’s Biochemical Type, improving the organ and gland function and integrating the right exercise program. All of this protocol will be covered in the L3W Consultation.

11Improve bowel function: The bowel is considered to be a part of the digestive or gastrointestinal system. It is designed to help the body absorb nutrients and fluids from the foods we eat and drink. Proper food choices tailored to the individual and reducing the inflammatory process will improve bowel function rapidly.

12Reduce sexual problems: Decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased lubrication, and less sensation are common sexual issues. These can result from many causes such as: Low Cholesterol, a precursor in the synthesis of all steroids, including all of the sex hormones, diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypothalamus malfunction, thyroid issues, adrenal problems, insufficient fat intake, and hormonal deficiency. All of these topics will be addressed with the L3W System.

13Prevent diabetes: Diabetes is a disease that comes from the overuse of the beta cells in the pancreas. Pancreatic beta cells produce insulin. Insulin facilitates the transport of sugar into the cells of the body. Overuse of the pancreas causes a decrease in the production of insulin, while the body develops resistance to its action due to the overexposure. The body will then have excess sugar in the bloodstream and be unable to adequately fuel the cell for optimal efficiency. The L3W System will decrease the frequency and size of insulin surges and take the pressure off the pancreas.

14Brain Health: Alzheimer’s is another disease that comes from the chronic overuse of insulin. As with other cells in the body, insulin facilitates the transport of sugar into brain cells. Chronically high levels of insulin resulting from too much sugar consumption or eating foods that are wrong for your type results in brain cells becoming resistant to insulin. When this happens, you may not be able to provide enough insulin to the brain to keep all the cells alive. The resulting cellular stress and cell death can lead to Alzheimer’s. The L3W System limits Alzheimer’s risk by reducing insulin surges.

The Live Longer Live Well program uses comprehensive blood tests and urinalysis to provide a complete picture of how efficiently a patient’s body is running. Most Live Longer Live Well patients start feeling the benefits of their personal diet and nutrition plan in as little as 2 days.

Integrated Functional Medicine is an integral part of the L3W System. Vitamin D, Omega 3 fish oil, CoQ10, Vitamins, Minerals, Resveratrol, and Probiotics have important functions in the longevity and health of the body. The L3W System recommends checking Vitamin D levels. The vitamin D level should be above 50 ng/ml with an optimal level of 70-80 ng/ml. Sunlight and supplementation are the only significant sources of vitamin D. The importance of Omega 3 over Omega 6 fatty acids is covered in the consultation. CoQ10 is an enzyme that is utilized in the mitochondria of the cell. The consultation will go over what medications and types of exercise deplete the CoQ10. The vitality and energy of the cell depends on CoQ10.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT): L3W totally supports the use of Natural Hormone Replacement when necessary. With the aging process comes natural decreases in Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen, DHEA, Pregnenolene, Melatonin, and Growth Hormone. The combination of L3W, and Bio-identical hormone replacement is a perfect match for optimal health.

The Live Longer Live Well Package includes several components

Below is a list of the core elements of the system

Through the L3W system, we provide you with a comprehensive 14-page report that reveals

How the Testing process works

  • Get started — Contact your preferred Live Longer Live Well certified facility to initiate the testing process. They will provide you with a requisition form and the necessary lab profile.
  • Schedule your lab tests – Determine the nearest Labcorp* facility and make arrangements to take your tests
  • Fast before your test – Please do not eat for 10-12 hours before your test
  • Take your test – Important: Be sure to bring your lab requisition provided by the L3W facility. Labcorp will use this form to perform their tests and will e-mail the results to the facility within 72 hours.
  • Analysis of results – Your Live Longer Live Well certified facility then uses the L3W system to analyze your results, determine your Biochemical Type and develop a personal nutrition plan.
  • Consultation – Your facility will explain your results thoroughly, provide your personal nutrition plan and also determine an appropriate exercise regimen for your specific profile
  • Follow up – Additional consultation and testing may be indicated in the results
  • Results are available in 3-4 days

About the system

The human body is unique and complex, and every person is different. With the Live Longer Live Well system, you’ll get important knowledge about how you own body works and how you can manage and correct it.

*Live Longer Live Well lab results are provided exclusively by LabCorp. The Lab Fees are included in your initial fee paid to your Provider or L3W Facility.

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