Blood Chemistry

Blood Chemistry needed for an accurate report card!!! blood-tests

A1C Hemoglobin:  this test shows an average sugar level in the blood stream. Red blood cells live 2-3 months, which holds on to sugar, so this test is more accurate than just getting a Glucose test. The Glucose test can fluctuate depending on how much insulin you are producing at that instant. You can have a normal Glucose test but a high A1C hemoglobin which is the true number.  If your value is 5.6 or higher, the warning signs of Diabetes and insulin resistance are present. Make sure your physician orders that test.

Insulin:  See how much insulin your body is producing. If you have high A1C hemoglobin, then the insulin test will show if you are headed to the Diabetes side or the Insulin Resistant side (Alzheimer’s). It also can detect  1.5 diabetes . An optimal insulin level is around 7.

C-reactive protein (crp): This test shows if there a protein (crp) in the blood stream which is produced in the liver. It is produced when inflammation is present in the body. It is mainly generated from cardiovascular inflammation. The Formation of arteriolosclerosis or plaguing increases inflammation. Anything over 1.5 is a warning sign of an inflammatory response.

Vitamin D:  Vitamin D helps reduce cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, bone and immune issues. Almost every African American has a pathological low Vitamin D level. Optimal levels are around 70-75.

The Live Longer Live Well program has an in depth Diabetes/cardiovascular panel to give you a completed snapshot of you. Check out the in detail blood chemistry panels, located on our website under the Process tab.

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