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Understanding Weight Loss:weight loss

Sugar intake raises the blood sugar level, in response, the pancreas releases insulin to help utilize the sugar and reduce circulating blood sugar levels; fat is absorbed when this process occurs as excessive insulin pushes the glucose in to the fat storage centers.

Balancing the blood sugar by combing the right foods for the individual reduces the insulin surges and thereby reduces or stops the absorption of fat. Sugar is the enemy!!!  Combining the right food for the individual (Biochemical type) reduces the sugar spikes and insulin surges, which leads to weight loss.

South Beach … Atkins … Zone … With so many fad diets on the market, there’s a general misconception about what a healthy diet consists of. Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. Each person’s Biochemical type and genetic background influence how the body produces energy.


Understanding your Biochemical Type

Your Biochemical type dictates how your body processes certain foods into energy. The key to a healthy diet is keeping your individual blood sugar from spiking. When blood sugar is too high, the body secretes insulin, which in turn triggers these reactions:

  • The body absorbs fat weight loss-lose weight
  • Serotonin is released, sending a message to the body that induces sleep
  • Testosterone decreases, reducing the body’s ability to build muscle and maintain strength

This sporadic and frequent release of insulin will begin to tax the pancreas (as well as other organs and glands), and the body eventually gets resistant to its own insulin. When this occurs the body will start retaining fat, usually in the abdominal region. Losing weight starts with eating the right food for the individual (80%) and the proper exercise for the individual (20%).


More comprehensive posts regarding weight loss are on the way.

Get your Biochemical type checked out from a Live Longer Live Well provider.

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